Biostealth Matrix for the
Future of Precision Medicine
Tetatherix has developed the first biostealth fluid matrix to disrupt regenerative medicine and targeted mRNA delivery.
Our mission is to extend and improve the lives of 10 million people around the world over the next 10 years with Tetramatrix utilised in multiple forms for a range of clinical applications. We measure our success by how many lives we change and believe our social obligation is to ensure access to Tetramatrix is easy and affordable for every community around the world.
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Regenerative Platform
The Tetramatrix
Pillars of Innovation

Tetramatrix is a proprietary, fully synthetic biomaterial that is compatible with minimally invasive administration techniques and does not induce any foreign body reaction, a genuine biostealth platform technology. The company has active development programs in the areas of regenerative medicine and mRNA delivery.

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Biostealth Matrix
Tetramatrix is proprietary fluid matrix that is invisible to the body & does not induce any foreign body reaction to evolve regenerative medicine and targeted therapeutic delivery.
Unique Physical Properties
The product is a water-based solution that transitions into an adhesive and elastic hydrogel to allow minimally invasive administration. The gelation process is purely physical and triggered by physiological temperature to preserve the natural healing capability of the body.
Highly Biocompatible
Tetramatrix is biocompatible and has been demonstrated to be well tolerated in numerous preclinical and clinical studies, performed over a decade of research. Multiple clinical trials have been completed with no adverse events.
Synthetic & Scalable Production
A single formulation of the product addresses different unmet clinical needs. Tetramatrix is fully synthetic and does not rely on human- or animal-derived material, ensuring cost-effective and scaled manufacturing in large quantities.
Anchored by Science
In the early days of his research, Dr Ali Fathi recognised the human body’s ability to function as the optimal bioreactor for tissue regeneration. Ali’s PhD at the University of Sydney, focused on the development of a smart biomaterial using the innate ability of the body to repair damaged tissue. Anchored by science, this was the genesis of Tetramatrix and the subsequent family of patents and publications that would follow. Ali was inspired by his entrepreneurial awareness of the impact that this translational science would have on patients around the world.
Focused and Agile
As a fellow chemical engineer at the University of Sydney, Terence Abrams was introduced to the technology and shared Ali’s enthusiasm for Tetramatrix. Armed with the experience and understanding of bespoke chemical manufacturing, Tez worked with Ali to incorporate the company Tetratherix and secure seed funding and crucial government grants. By 2017 they had established their own certified production facility in Sydney, followed shortly by the first clinical trial of the technology and successful IP assignment in 2019.
Geared for Growth
While leading the development and commercialization of innovations in regenerative medicine, Will Knox was introduced to Tetratherix in 2018. Will’s experience in managing global commercialization of medtech shaped a unique appreciation for the technology’s wide-reaching clinical benefit and exciting market potential. The founding team was completed by Will’s appointment as CEO which provides the commercial context to define and deliver the Tetratherix mission, vision and culture. Leading innovation in regenerative medicine and with a clear path to global expansion, we are geared for growth and excited about our future.
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Reputation, Execution.
Dr Ali Fathi
Founder & CTO
Will Knox
Dr Simin Maleknia
Senior Production Manager
Ruth Cremin
Quality & Regulatory Manager
Dr Farshad Oveissi
Research Lead
Kim Steel
Clinical Trial Manager
Terence Abrams
Founder & COO
Jeff Reid
Corporate Development Manager

Ali is a world-renowned researcher and inventor of Tetramatrix and has continued the development of the technology using his technical and entrepreneurial vision. Ali’s scientific approach to problem-solving and his tenacity are central to bringing the technology into the hands of clinicians.


Will provides the commercial context to define and deliver the Tetratherix mission, vision and culture. Will’s prior success in commercialisation and development of life-changing MedTech innovations are paramount to the company’s global ambitions.


As a world-class researcher with decades of experience in translational research, Simin manages and drives our production program. Combining both a calm temperament and a meticulous nature, Simin is our production and research North Star.


Ruth has unparalleled experience in the quality and regulatory functions of the global medical device industry, which are critical in her role to obtain registration and market clearance for Tetramatrix. Ruth has a unique ability to be both dynamic and meticulous in how she applies her skill set – a rarity in the industry.


Farshad is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering researcher with a distinguishable scientific track record in material innovation and biomedical technologies. Farshad leads our research programs and creatively marries our foundational science with global healthcare needs.


Kim’s proficient and driven management of our clinical trial program has enabled us to establish an adoptable and efficient cadence in our clinical validation. Her calm and confident decision-making complements her ability to energise those around her.


As an engineer, Terence is armed with the experience and understanding of bespoke chemical manufacturing. A natural problem solver with the ability to think outside the box, Terence has been instrumental in process design and optimisation to allow production of Tetramatrix at scale.


Jeff’s decades of experience in successful commercialisation of medical innovations forms a platform that helps to define our commercial development program, including key partnership management and pipeline strategy. Jeff’s extensive knowledge of execution and accountability in the market ensures that our development program meets our commercial objectives.


Maurizio Vecchione
Non-Executive Director
David Bottomley
Non-Executive Director
Dr Ali Fathi
Executive Director
Will Knox
Executive Director
Rob McInnes

Maurizio boasts a 30-year career in global and public health, driving innovation in bio-medicine from strategy to commercialisation. Formerly leading Global Good Fund, a Bill Gates-Intellectual Ventures collaboration, he now serves as Chief Innovation Officer at the Terasaki Institute and works closely with the non-profit Washington Global Health Alliance. Maurizio is a trusted advisor and partner to venture and private equity funds, such as Ethos Capital and Adastral Funds.

David has over two decades of experience in corporate finance, M&A and equity capital markets advisory. He previously held executive positions at Kleinwort Benson, Merrill Lynch & Co investment banking division and was the Managing Director (AU) of GMCG LLC, a US based investment bank. David is also the Principal of Ryder Innovation Fund, and an early supporter of Tetratherix.

Ali invented the core technology during his PhD at the University of Sydney and co-founded Tetratherix in 2015. Ali is an entrepreneur scientist with 40+ peer reviewed publications and h index of 20. Ali’s scientific approach to problem-solving and his tenacity have been central to bring the technology into the hands of clinicians.

Will has 20 years of experience in the commercialisation of medical & biologic technologies in multiple regions with two exits via acquisition by private equity and ASX listing. Will provides the commercial context to define and deliver the Tetratherix mission, vision and culture. Will’s prior success in commercialisation and development of life-changing MedTech innovations are paramount to the company’s global ambitions.

Rob holds the position of Board Secretary for the Licensing Executives Society International. For more than a decade, Rob has been ranked as Australia’s highest recommended patent and technology licensing lawyer. He specialises in the commercialisation of novel technologies, and in the intellectual property-related aspects of major corporate transactions. He is an expert in the structuring and negotiation of complex licensing contracts for the commercialisation of global innovations.

Prof Ali Khademhosseini
Prof Daniela Traini
Drug Delivery Innovation
Dr Drew Cronin
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon
Dr Huixin Ong (YY)
Respiratory Therapeutic Delivery
Prof Dax Calder
Periodontal Surgeon
Prof Paul Young
Pharmaceutical Product Development

Ali is a preeminent scientist, founded UCLA’s Centre for Minimally Invasive Therapeutics and served as a Professor at Harvard Medical School, directing the Biomaterials Innovation Research Centre. He he has developed personalised solutions using advanced medical technologies for various therapies with immense impact on fundamental and translational science. With over 111,500 citations and an H-index of 170, Ali is globally recognised for his groundbreaking contributions in the field and the ideal Chair for our Scientific Advisory Board.

Daniela is a leading figure in innovative drug delivery systems. With over 20 years of experience in drug development, Daniela leads research teams at the University of Sydney and Macquarie University where she focuses on particle engineering and drug delivery vehicles. Her passion for advancing drug delivery systems and innovative respiratory research have garnered her international recognition.

Drew is a fully certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, trained in Queensland and a member of RACS, ASPS, and ASAPS. He serves as the Director of The Coastal Clinic, offering a diverse range of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgical services. Dr. Cronin is committed to providing high-quality surgical care and bringing innovation for better health outcome to his patients.

Dr. Hui Xin Ong (YY) is a world leader in inhalation drug delivery, particularly in the field of developing aerosol pharmaceutical and device technologies that can be used for the treatment of chronic diseases. She has also pioneered several methodological platforms that have been adopted in academia and industry settings, expediting the translation of novel discoveries into clinical applications. YY’s unwavering commitment to conducting impactful research underscores her dedication to creating medicines to improve patient’s quality of life.

Dax is a specialist periodontist, affiliated with the University of Sydney and University of Western Australia. Dax has spent more than 25 years of his professional career simplifying techniques relating to dental implant surgeries and bone augmentation procedures. He has been active in teaching implant surgery and augmentation techniques to general dentists and specialists. He has lectured both nationally and internationally and he has developed world leading protocols in the field.

Paul brings more than 25 years of experience in industry and academia with foundations in entrepreneurship, business creation, and strategic development in the pharmaceutical industry. Paul currently serves as Professor of Commercialisation at Macquarie Business School and held the Inaugural Chair of Commercialisation at the University of Sydney and was Deputy Executive Director of the top-ranked Woolcock Institute of Medical Research. His scientific expertise in pharmaceutical product development has materialised into numerous, successful commercial products.

Tetratherix has established its own production facility in Alexandria, Sydney. The company’s clean room production facility is fully equipped to manufacture sterile medical devices on a commercial scale. The infrastructure and the associated quality management system are ISO 13485:2016 certified.
Tetratherix’s in-house production facility is of great importance for quality control, product development and production scalability. In addition, our production capability facilitates efficient product development and collaborative global partnerships.
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News & Publications
Research & Discover
International Journal of Pharmaceutics – Polymer Drug Delivery Technology
March 7, 2023

Tetratherix’s hydrogel technology used as an enabling carrier for targeted delivery of novel therapeutics. This is an exciting development in our Biodelivery program and validates the potential of our technology to effectively deliver & preserve the bioactivity of a range of therapeutics – Journal of Pharmaceutics

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Advanced Healthcare Materials – Tissue Engineering with Tetramatrix
November 8, 2022

Tetramatrix as a regenerative platform for tissue agnostic regeneration. Our technology was selected as the cover feature, the fluid network is temperature responsive and transitions into an adhesive hydrogel matrix upon administration. The resulting scaffold moulds within any defect and provides a regenerative network for cell in growth and…

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