Sep 27, 2018
Trimph: Alleviating the Physical and Systemic Burdens of Oral Surgeries

In Australia there are almost 300,000 oral and maxillofacial surgeries a year, this is in addition to more than 60,000 hospital visits attributed to post-oral surgery complications. Trimph was founded in August 2015 by Dr Ali Fathi and Terence Abrams with the mission of alleviating the physical and systemic burdens caused by oral and maxillofacial surgeries.

They developed TrimphDent, an injectable medical device that promotes the natural regeneration of bone, cartilage and tissues. This dental device improves success rates and recovery periods while reducing complications and discomfort, from oral surgeries.

Terence and Ali met at the University of Sydney in 2013. Together Ali & Terence built Trimph and raised $1.5million from investors. As their product has evolved, so has Trimph.

Thanks to the assistance of Commercialisation Adviser, Maureen Murphy, Trimph has maintained its drive and focus. Dr Fathi attests to the value of Maureen’s guidance: “Our AC Commercialisation Adviser, Maureen Murphy, was instrumental in developing the execution strategy for the commercialisation of TrimphDent, as well as instrumental in Trimph’s AC application. Maureen’s strategic advice with regards to planning, implementation and logistics were key drivers of both the technology and development plan.”

Within 18 months of incorporation they have been working to establish clean-room production facilities for the company, secure non-dilutive government funds and to initiate and complete the first in-human use of Trimph’s technology.

Co-founder and President, Dr Ali, further explains their revolutionary invention: “The TrimpDent biomaterial is a liquid that is delivered to a defect site without the need for invasive surgery; once injected, TrimphDent uses heat from the body to form an elastic scaffold for natural tissue healing.”

TrimphDent is an improvement on the currently available bone grafting procedures. It sets quickly and has been proven to improve healing times for both soft and hard tissue.

Trimph provides a physical scaffold to guide and enhance the body’s natural regenerative abilities to repair the injured tissues. The clinical use of their products will reduce the reliance on open surgeries, and improve recovery times, therefore enhancing the health outcomes for millions of patients worldwide. For example, Trimph can be used to guide stem cells that are present in the body to an injured joint to promote cartilage repair. This eliminates the need for more invasive procedures such as open full joint surgeries or joint replacements.

Trimph used more than $690,000 in Accelerating Commercialisation funding to progress through the Therapeutic Goods Administration regulatory processes, and to position the company for sales and further capital raising.

The importance of the Accelerating Commercialisation support cannot be understated. It enabled Trimph to conduct their first in-human trials, which is by far their most important milestone in their pathway to commercialisation.

Dr Ali highlights the value of this support: “AC support provided us with the opportunity to complete the first in-human clinical trial. It was post-completion of this milestone that meant Trimph could trigger interest from multinational healthcare companies to partner with Trimph to develop other pipeline products.”

Just recently, the company secured $1 million from a NSW Medical Device Fund, and Dr Ali said the AC grant was instrumental to securing that grant.

TrimphDent is just the beginning, the company has four further pipeline products: TrimphGel for cosmetic treatments; TrimphSeal, a surgical sealant; TrimphFlex for cartilage regeneration; and TrimphGlue for bone fractures.

Trimph has its eye set on global expansion, and aims to directly commercialise TrimphDent for dental applications by registering the product in Europe and Australia. It’s estimated that TrimphDent will be commercially available in Australian and European markets by the end of 2020.

Trimph is targeting clinicians, and aims to establish strategic corporate partnerships with international healthcare companies to facilitate the commercialisation of their other pipeline products. These partnerships will maximise Trimph’s market penetration, they are already in commercial terms discussions with a German-based company